Aamina Vedel, South Yorks, UK

"My husband was cheating on me and I knew he was but he kept denying it. I saw him with another woman on many occasions
but he still denied it saying she were just a friend of the family. I didn't want to lose him this way so I contacted Love Psychic Guruji and told him what was happening.

Guruji said I should just stay calm and he would help me to get my husband back. He said it might take a few weeks and so I waited patiently. For days my husband kept going out and coming back late and then one day he didn't go out at all. Instead he called me into our front room and said he had something to tell me. He then confessed to his affair and begged me to forgive him, which I did. Guruji said that's what would happen and it did".


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