How to torment your tormentor

Guruji Astrologer black magic complexYou really don’t need to do either and you shouldn’t stand for any of it. What you need is to get even, only without them knowing you had anything to do with it. You need to get this rival right out of your life before you hand your whole life over to them. It is possible that your enemy is using a controlling power or spell to keep you subdued whilst they mock and taunt you. While they steal your life energy, they replace it with their own negative energy.

If you are experiencing any of this then it’s time you reversed this situation. Astrologer and spiritual healer Guruji can reverse negative energy and redirect it away from you. He can send it back to its origin, which means your tormentor will become the tormented. To beat your evil rival Guruji can undo all the negativity that has been placed around you and reverse its energy. This will allow you to become stronger and your rival to become weaker.

This kind of control and bullying happens in all walks of life but you don’t have to take it. There is a way to get these people off your back and send them packing forever. Consult astrologer and love psychic Guruji for help and advice about this.


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