Is it lust or love?

There is the tendency however to get confused with lust and love because the feelings are very similar. There is a strong feeling or desire of wanting to be with the person of interest and it’s not always clear cut why. In many cases lust has been mistaken for love and so comes to nothing some time after the physical act has taken place. In other cases the lust that drove the couple together develops into love with much more feeling and meaning.

Love is something that almost always becomes stronger and deeper, more meaningful and spiritual. It’s a feeling that is shared as much as life is shared. One person’s pain is the other person’s pain and one person’s joy is equally shared with the other partner. Love means lots of different things to lots of people but they all share in it and become devoted to it.

Lust on the other hand is about self-gratification. It’s all about what’s in it for me? And it’s the “no strings” element that makes lust much more desirable. The thought of just having mutual sex with someone and then being able to walk away is very appealing. The thought of having other people lust after you is even more appealing.

It’s the reason why celebrities such as actors, rock stars and sports personalities are envied. People lust after them all the time. How would it make you feel if beautiful people were openly lusting after you? Would it make you feel confident, sexy and wanted? Don’t miss out on the lust you deserve. Contact astrologer and love psychic Guruji about creating a lust spell.


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