Regrets and reluctant apologies

In other cases it’s not always that straight-forward. Deep lying problems, which may concern one or the other partner’s past can and often do come back to haunt them when they settle into a relationship. Again there is a need for talking and understanding the relevant issues. The past is the past and will always stay there. It cannot be changed or altered and so the only option is to accept what has gone before, and of course live life as normal as possible.

Even when you know there’s no point in bringing up old incidents or issues it can sometimes be unavoidable in an argument. Regrets set in a little later eventually followed by reluctant apologies. The past, money, health, interfering in-laws, infidelity, dishonesty and lack of trust make up the main batch of reasons why relationships are sometimes strained. And any one of these reasons can fester and develop into a serious and nagging wound that just will not heal.

Healing a relationship is not something that can be done in a hurry. It takes time and it takes perseverance. In many cases it does take outside intervention to bring everything back into order. That’s where Astrologer Guruji can help, and it’s where others can’t. Guruji is a spiritual healer with the power to heal a wounded relationship. It’s through his power that many marriages have been saved before situations worsened, and it is through Guruji that many seek help and guidance before situations get out of hand. If you’re experiencing relationship problems, talk to Guruji before it’s too late.


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