Are You A Victim Of A Controlling Rival?

Do you ever feel as though someone is deliberately standing in your way? Is there someone who is making life difficult for you right now? Is someone stopping you from progressing in your career or job? Is someone trying to muscle in on your scene? We’ve all seen it or at least experienced it at some point in our lives and it’s not a nice thing. When someone who thinks they are better than you in all kinds of ways enters your life, they have only one thing in mind. They are going to prove it one way or another at your expense.

This person is better known as a rival. It is someone who is always there when you don’t want them to be. It is someone who finds fault in all you do and then tells everyone else about it. It is someone who delights in seeing you squirm and suffer. At every turn they are there, in your face, making life unbearable. All the time pushing you to the limit and hoping you will break. They get so much pleasure out of seeing you back down or give in.

So what are you to do? Do you just tolerate this abuse and hope they will just go away? Do you just soak up the ridicule and make a big joke out of it? What really is the best way to handle someone who seems hell bent on making your life a total misery? Should you move away? That’s a bit defeatist. Should you stand up to them physically? That could backfire and make things worse for you. Well, when you’ve reached maximum breaking point you are going to either explode with all your fury or have a complete nervous breakdown.


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