Are You Getting Enough Lust?

Have you ever wanted someone so much that you have made a complete fool of yourself trying to get their attention? If you have then you are not alone. This feeling of wanting someone to notice you will make you do all kinds of silly and out of character things, things that you might regret later on. The reason we behave like this is because we like the person we are trying to attract the attention of and we want them to see that we are a funny, outgoing and a happy person. Hopefully they will see the funny side and a relationship will begin.

However, there are times when it’s not just a question of whether you like someone, and whether they like you. It can be something much more powerful. There are times, and just about everyone will experience this in some form, when we just see a person as a sexual partner. We look at them and all we think is how good they might be in bed. We mentally undress them and let our imagination run wild.

This is pure lust, nothing more and nothing less. Lust is simply a very strong sexual desire. It’s a feeling you have for someone that goes beyond the “like” stage. It’s an urge to have sex with the person you are lusting after. It’s very common and it’s well documented. People are always lusting after people. It’s just one of those human characteristics. Is it natural? It must be. It is after all pure chemistry.


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