Capricorn Yearly Horoscopes - 2016

Free Generic Yearly horoscope for Zodiac CapricornThis year success will inevitably weave its way towards you and you will be thinking it’s about time you got your just rewards for all the hard work you have done recently. From early January right up until the end of late June you will find yourself running along a smooth path leading to good fortune and real love. It is no more than what you truly deserve. Look out for an unexpected opportunity around the end of September and don’t let anyone dissuade you from taking chances, as it could pay big dividends later.

September is the best month for travel or for taking a holiday to a warmer climate, and 2-3 weeks away will do you the world of good. October and November are months that will bring out the best in you. A hidden talent or a good deed is highlighted and will rocket you into the limelight. Keep an eye on younger relatives as there is some indication that health problems could lay ahead. Your own health is also under the spotlight so early nights and plenty of rest are going to be important.

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