Aquarius - Zodiac Traits

Guruji zodiac proifle - AquariusElement: Air

Ruling planet: Uranus

Symbol: The Water Bearer

Gemstone: Amethyst

Life Pursuit: To discover life's mysteries

Vibration: High frequency

Secret Desire: To be different

Forever the thinker, Aquarius is considered to be the most intellectual of all the zodiac signs. Many inventors are numbered amongst the great Aquarians of our time and many a famous name is synonymous with the Water Bearer. The downside to all this mental activity is there appears to be a fine line between the genius and the insane, both of whom are born under this sign. It is therefore a sign of both extremes. Whichever way you see it Aquarians are exceptional people and are known for their work with others less fortunate.

The strange thing about Aquarians is that they are not always obvious because their character traits can vary so much. Therefore there is no such thing as a typical Aquarian. What makes them special is their ability to live their lives on their own terms, preferring not to follow conventional practices. Aquarius is a strong believer in social justice and so many will follow a political or environmental career in their pursuit of uncovering facts and the truth.

Aquarius needs to find both mental stimulation and sincere love from a relationship and that's not always possible but a union with Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius and Pisces will offer the best chance.

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