Be outgoing and confident to try to win back your ex

Everyone is different and the circumstances of the break-up of a relationship can vary enormously. However, you and your partner have to realise that it is either over or it’s not. Sometimes it can be blatantly obvious how the situation stands and other times there may be a door left open, which means there is a chance of reuniting with your ex. If it looks like there could be the slightest glimmer of hope then action must be taken quickly.

Everyone deserves a second chance and so this should be your goal, but what should you do? Don’t do what some people might expect you to do and stalk or hound your ex. Don’t bombard them with phone calls and text messages. Don’t make any obvious gestures except to be polite if you see them. It’s easy to make your ex know how you feel about them without resorting to tears and tantrums. It’s better to let your ex see that you are coping and getting on with your life.

If you can concentrate on being active, being confident and look as though you are enjoying life, your ex may see this as a sign of strength. This in itself may be enough for your ex to want to get talking again. However, this again has to be done very quickly after the break-up so that there isn’t time for your ex to meet someone else.

To ensure your ex sees you, admires you and wants you after your split, consult an astrologer who is experienced in getting relationships mended in extra quick time. Remember, time is of the essence. Astrologer Guruji has helped hundreds of couples get back together within weeks or even days of breaking up. Why not give him a call right now and see what he can do for you.

Don’t Let Too Much Time Lapse If You want To Get Back With Your Ex

Guruji Astrologer time lapseIs love better second time around? Many people think so. In fact some people marry several times during their lives so this proves that you can love again after a previous break-up or split. Some people swear that the best part of breaking up is the making up afterwards. However, not all relationships can be that easily put back together. Sometimes you have to bide your time and wait and hope that your partner will be willing to take you back and start all over again. Sometimes it can be a long wait so patience is a virtue as they say.

Whatever the reason for a break-up in a relationship, chances are one or the other partner will want to get it back on. Getting back together sooner rather than later is always the best policy if this can be achieved and for obvious reasons. The longer you are away from your partner after a break-up the more likely it is that they could meet someone else. Quite often after a break-up single friends will rally round and try to persuade you, or your ex partner to go out with them.

Going out with friends to pubs and clubs will do one of two things. It will make you realise how you feel about your ex partner and you will either not be interested in looking elsewhere or it will make you realise what you have been missing and you’ll be right up for meeting other new people.

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Are You A Victim Of A Controlling Rival?

Do you ever feel as though someone is deliberately standing in your way? Is there someone who is making life difficult for you right now? Is someone stopping you from progressing in your career or job? Is someone trying to muscle in on your scene? We’ve all seen it or at least experienced it at some point in our lives and it’s not a nice thing. When someone who thinks they are better than you in all kinds of ways enters your life, they have only one thing in mind. They are going to prove it one way or another at your expense.

This person is better known as a rival. It is someone who is always there when you don’t want them to be. It is someone who finds fault in all you do and then tells everyone else about it. It is someone who delights in seeing you squirm and suffer. At every turn they are there, in your face, making life unbearable. All the time pushing you to the limit and hoping you will break. They get so much pleasure out of seeing you back down or give in.

So what are you to do? Do you just tolerate this abuse and hope they will just go away? Do you just soak up the ridicule and make a big joke out of it? What really is the best way to handle someone who seems hell bent on making your life a total misery? Should you move away? That’s a bit defeatist. Should you stand up to them physically? That could backfire and make things worse for you. Well, when you’ve reached maximum breaking point you are going to either explode with all your fury or have a complete nervous breakdown.

Are You Getting Enough Lust?

Have you ever wanted someone so much that you have made a complete fool of yourself trying to get their attention? If you have then you are not alone. This feeling of wanting someone to notice you will make you do all kinds of silly and out of character things, things that you might regret later on. The reason we behave like this is because we like the person we are trying to attract the attention of and we want them to see that we are a funny, outgoing and a happy person. Hopefully they will see the funny side and a relationship will begin.

However, there are times when it’s not just a question of whether you like someone, and whether they like you. It can be something much more powerful. There are times, and just about everyone will experience this in some form, when we just see a person as a sexual partner. We look at them and all we think is how good they might be in bed. We mentally undress them and let our imagination run wild.

This is pure lust, nothing more and nothing less. Lust is simply a very strong sexual desire. It’s a feeling you have for someone that goes beyond the “like” stage. It’s an urge to have sex with the person you are lusting after. It’s very common and it’s well documented. People are always lusting after people. It’s just one of those human characteristics. Is it natural? It must be. It is after all pure chemistry.

When people play mind games

The problem with this approach is when someone you like knows you like them and then decides to play on it. They play hard to get and act completely the opposite of how you might expect them to act. It can sometimes seem harsh that the person of your dreams can turn to you and tell you that you are a loser or something similar, when in fact they are just trying to get a reaction from you. It can sometimes just be banter and the person you want so much is just playing with you.

It’s really frustrating when people play these games and it messes with your head. You just end up being more confused than ever. So what is the best thing to do in this case? Do you go right up to the person and ask for a date? Do you ask them straight out how they feel about you? Or do you just tell them exactly how you feel about them? They’re all a bit risky so best perhaps get some help before attempting any of these options.

If you’re absolutely sure that the person who is driving you mad, driving your passion and keeping you awake at night is the right person for you, then turn the odds in your favour. Make yourself so irresistible that the person you desire will make it obvious they like you. You can do this with a little help from Psychic Guruji. Guruji can help turn the tide so that the focus of your attention becomes the love of your life. Need a little reassurance or need to persuade someone to make a move on you? Contact Astrologer and Love Psychic Guruji today.


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