Why are people using Black Magic?

Guruji Astrologer black magic peopleThere are several reasons why someone might use Black Magic in order to break someone or to get their own way. Some of these reasons are obvious but some are not quite so obvious at first. Generally the main purpose for casting a Black Magic spell or curse is control. To have someone in your power and to be able to inflict pain, misfortune and misery is all that is required in order to gain control. This would normally start out as a spell that is designed to take over the thought processes of the victim.

The victim could then be made to do things they would not normally do. Their normal thought processes are interrupted and their thoughts are manipulated in a way that the victim just cannot think straight.

They feel as though there is a blockage on their thoughts. This allows the Black Magic practitioner to channel their own thoughts or wishes towards the victim without the victim ever suspecting anything untoward.

One of the main reasons why someone might want to control someone in this way is for personal gain. Personal gain can mean many things depending on the situation. For example a young girl who has aspirations on marrying a wealthy businessman might want to ensure her future security by having a spell cast upon the businessman. He would then be quite powerless to resist her advances and lose all sight of reason, despite the protests of his friends and family.


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