What types of Black Magic are there?

Guruji Astrologer black magic typeBlack Magic is sometimes known by other names such as Witchcraft, sorcery, Voodoo, Kala Jadu and devil worship. In the Western world many people know about Witchcraft, devil worship and Satanism and think of these practices as the dark occult. There is no doubt that some of the stories about witchcraft, which date back to the middle ages, are based solely on fear and superstition. However, even in the Western world today witchcraft is still practised, although there is a distinct difference between a white witch and a black witch.

Voodoo is a very similar practice carried out mainly in West Africa, especially the Caribbean and is also evident in southern parts of the United States. Voodoo like many of the dark arts has its roots in religion, and plays to the tune of Satan or the devil. It is thought that Voodoo originated in Africa around 6000 years ago and so is well entrenched in history and culture.

In almost all cultures and religions in the world there is a form of anti-religion or the opposite of what a religion stands for. It’s the classic good and evil scenario, which has been played out so many times in every walk of life. Black Magic, or by whatever name it is called, is just one aspect of a practice or belief that can be used to control or influence people. This influence affects people mentally at first then manifests itself into a physical affliction.


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