Devious ways to use Black Magic

Guruji Astrologer black magic waysIn a more cowardly example of the use of Black Magic, someone might be intent on revenge. It could be revenge for a business deal that went wrong, it could be revenge for stealing a loved one or just revenge because of pure jealousy or envy. It has been known for Black Magic to be used to force someone out of a relationship, a marriage or even a family. Quite often this is instigated by a senior family member who wants a different outcome for their son or daughter. Younger family members are more likely to want to choose who they see, date and marry but this might not be in line with their parent’s wishes.

In contrast Black Magic can be used to gain access to and get into a family and be accepted as a trusted family member. This is usually despite their own beliefs, religion and background to the disadvantage of all other existing family members.

There are many devious ways in which Black Magic can be used and there are many devious practitioners only too willing to assist in carrying out the deed.

People use Black Magic to get their own way, to manipulate others, to cause them harm and grief, ill-health and even financial ruin. Sometimes it is used as a last resort and sometimes it is used purely as a means for controlling a person’s thoughts and behavior. In every case it is not straight-forward to remove the curse, which can only be removed by an experienced psychic or spiritualist who has the power and understanding in these exceptional matters.


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