Black Magic Curses - Sexual Relationship Curse

Gurji Astrorologer couple 3aOne of the most important aspects of any relationship and especially with marriage is the ability to mutually enjoy the physical act of sex. It is a way for partners to display their love and affection and to create a bond between them. It's a very powerful expression of love, from which other qualities like trust and loyalty will develop and grow. This can further cement the relationship, which as we all know can last a lifetime. Anyone who has ever experienced the intensity of a loving sexual relationship will know how important it is for both partners.

With that said, why would anyone want to try and come between a couple and destroy the very foundation of their bond? In some cases it is

jealousy and in some cases it is spitefulness. Quite often it is because someone has the strong desire to be with one of the people in the relationship and will go to any lengths to get their way. Of all the ways that can be used to break up a relationship, using a sex curse is probably the most profound. This is because it is such a powerful aspect of a partnership or marriage and in some cases it might be all that is holding the relationship together.

Anyone who wants to break up a marriage will not achieve much if they simply targeted one of the partner's health. The other partner will simply take more care over them and nurse them back. Likewise it would be pointless to target someone's finances because friends and family could simply rally round and help out until matters improved. So if you discount health and money then it's obvious that the only powerful aspect of a relationship that is left is what bonds it together and that is sex.

This devious sexual relationship curse is almost always kept secret

The sexual curse is like any other black magic curse in that it has only one mission, and that is to destroy the relationship. This type of curse is more often instigated by someone who might be an ex partner, or a completely deranged person who has a fixation or obsession with one of the people in the marriage. In this case it is unlikely that the instigator will have the experience to perform the black magic curse by themselves and nor will they ask a family member to assist. This type of devious curse is best kept secret, so they will more likely hire a black magic practitioner to carry out the deed.

The practitioner will demand a certain fee for performing this ritual and may even require further payments to intensify the curse. The result will have a devastating effect on the couple. At first it might be that the man will not find his wife or partner sexually attractive anymore and will be unwilling to participate in any sexual activity. Or it could be the other way round. In some cases there will be suspicion of infidelity leading to intense arguments.

In all cases the relationship or marriage will begin to deteriorate very quickly. Each partner will blame the other for their lack of interest in sex and their bond will begin to loosen. A relationship or marriage without the closeness associated with sex is only going to break. The unhappiness will become too much to bear and within just a few months it will be all but over. The instigator of the curse will then appear and offer comfort, which will obviously include offers of sex.

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