Why are people using Black Magic?

Guruji Astrologer black magic peopleThere are several reasons why someone might use Black Magic in order to break someone or to get their own way. Some of these reasons are obvious but some are not quite so obvious at first. Generally the main purpose for casting a Black Magic spell or curse is control. To have someone in your power and to be able to inflict pain, misfortune and misery is all that is required in order to gain control. This would normally start out as a spell that is designed to take over the thought processes of the victim.

The victim could then be made to do things they would not normally do. Their normal thought processes are interrupted and their thoughts are manipulated in a way that the victim just cannot think straight.

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Complex Black Magic spells can take time to remove completely

Guruji Astrologer black magic complexThere are generally two actual types of black Magic in terms of severity or complexity. The first one being a “one time” process. This is when a Black Magic spell or curse is cast in order to cause pain, suffering, discomfort and even ill-health. This is a “one off” spell that can be treated by a professional spiritual healer. The healer or psychic will perform certain rituals, which in time will remove all the effects of the curse leaving the victim to recover and lead a very normal life. In general this is the most common of all Black Magic spells.

The more complex spell or curse is when someone is affected and then later re-infected with the spell. This is obviously being directed by someone who is determined to inflict the maximum of suffering by whatever means are possible. It is an ongoing process that leaves the victim weakened, fragile and could even prove fatal.

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What types of Black Magic are there?

Guruji Astrologer black magic typeBlack Magic is sometimes known by other names such as Witchcraft, sorcery, Voodoo, Kala Jadu and devil worship. In the Western world many people know about Witchcraft, devil worship and Satanism and think of these practices as the dark occult. There is no doubt that some of the stories about witchcraft, which date back to the middle ages, are based solely on fear and superstition. However, even in the Western world today witchcraft is still practised, although there is a distinct difference between a white witch and a black witch.

Voodoo is a very similar practice carried out mainly in West Africa, especially the Caribbean and is also evident in southern parts of the United States. Voodoo like many of the dark arts has its roots in religion, and plays to the tune of Satan or the devil. It is thought that Voodoo originated in Africa around 6000 years ago and so is well entrenched in history and culture.

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Religious views on Black Magic

Guruji Astrologer black magicIn many Asian cultures and religions, just as you might find in any Western culture, there are beliefs about good and evil. It’s universally accepted that good and evil exists in various shapes and forms wherever you are in the world. However, when it comes to religious beliefs they are more often than not set in stone. A religious belief is a concept that is accepted by that particular religion and so as a follower of that religion you are expected to conform to that belief.

Throughout Asia there are several main religions that either accept the existence of supernatural powers, for good or evil, or flatly refute them. Herein lies the problem. If a religion whole heartedly accepts that someone might have a mystical power that is designed to carry out good deeds then where is the opposite? There must be an opposite position if that religion is to determine the difference between good and evil.

The Sikh religion in general does not accept Black Magic as a power, as a weapon or as a means for controlling another person against their will. Sikhs do however believe in god and therefore believe in good and bad but not in the devil or demons as such. Sikhism is a relatively new religion spanning only around 500 years, which currently has around 25 million followers worldwide.

The Muslim Religion

The Muslim religion is very much aligned to the good and evil that is both seen and unseen. Muslims believe that Black Magic is very real and

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Get your lover back by Removing Black Magic

Guruji Astrologer black magicGet Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband And Wife Back By Removing Black Magic And Reunited why would anyone want to use black magic, Curse, Voodoo or Kala Jadu?

  • To control a person mentally and physically
  • To influence someone to do something they would not normally do
  • To take advantage of someone for personal gain
  • To inflict pain and suffering as a revenge attack
  • To force someone out of a relationship or out of a family
  • To gain favour or acceptance despite background or religion
  • To manipulate a person's thoughts and actions

I have different Spiritual Remedies for every types and stages of Black Magic and I use very powerful Ancient Mantras, Prayers, Vedic Rituals, Root work, Hawan, Yagya, Maha Mirtunjaya Mantra and Hanuman Mantras to Remove Black Magic up to 10 stages. I can get your Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband or Wife Back by Removing Black Magic from them.

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