Libra - 2018

Guruji zodiac symbols x256 LibraWith a new year on the horizon you will be wondering how you are going to manage financially. However, not to worry as new and exciting opportunities are heading your way. That doesn’t mean you should be careless with money so avoid any unnecessary expenditure. Married Librans should try to work at keeping harmony in their lives and stay calm under pressure. Singles will find love hard to find until after October, when love is sure to blossom. Health matters are okay except there is a possibility of virus infections around November. Best to keep well wrapped up and don’t take any chances.

Virgo - 2018

Guruji zodiac symbols x256 VirgoA very slow start to the year and you begin to wonder what is happening to your life. However, not to worry as the pace picks up and so do your finances. With a healthy bank balance you will find more time to spend with those nearest to you and there is some indication that marriage is on the agenda come September. As the year heads towards the winter months you will find yourself working very hard but embrace this as all will change soon after. A young person or child’s condition is cause for concern and health related matters could be bit worrying. It will all be well by the year end.

Leo - 2018

Guruji zodiac symbols x256 LeoAs the New Year begins to unfold there is some indication that you will benefit from past studies or courses. Job and career prospects look good in the early part of 2017 so be patient and the right opportunity will arise. Banking or financial management look like they hold good prospects for you but you need to focus more on achievements to taste real success. Family and friends are very supportive but someone close to you might unexpectedly let you down or start a rumour. Love is in the air for Leos after the end of summer so look out for a stranger who comes calling.

Cancer - 2018

Guruji zodiac symbols x256 CancerA tough year lies ahead for many under the sign of cancer because there is some conflict and turmoil indicated. This could be due to a matter of relocation or other type of upheaval like a long stay overseas, which will prove to be unsettling. However, as the year progresses matters will improve and your efforts will be rewarded. A new job or career will help you gain a foothold and your finances will dramatically improve later in the year. Try to stay calm and work hard to achieve your goals. Married people will find new happiness with their partners. Singles should look nearer to home for true love.

Gemini - 2018

Guruji zodiac symbols x256 GeminiIf you’ve been working towards a goal or a new career then it is all going to happen for you during 2017. Time spent studying will now pay off for you but don’t become complacent. There is always room for further self-improvement. It is not wise for you to get involved in gambling as you have an addictive nature and this could be very troublesome. Better to spend your time and money on a new vehicle or even a property investment. Try to keep your feelings about insecurity at bay because they are ill-founded and have no place in your life. Stay positive throughout and it will pay dividends.

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