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Best and Most Genuine Indian Astrologer, Palmist, Face Reader, Spiritual Healer and Mantras Specialist Guruji offering his personal one to one Astrology consultation, Palm Reading, Face Reading and spiritual Healing Session in London by appointment only.

Phone: 07714 20 9494 / 07482 600000.

Guruji Specialise in advicing and helping to Remove Black Magic up to 10 Stages and helps to resolve problems like: Rekindle Love With Ex Boyfriend or Girlfriend,  Help & Advice To Remove Black Magic, and Helping to reconcile love relationships.

Spiritual Healing invokes a power that is intangible. This universal energy, both subtle and powerful, is the essence of all created and living things and is often described as Light, Life Force or the Vital Force. Guruji acts as conduits or channels for this healing energy, and once he has tuned in to their client and understands what needs to be healed, Guruji can then direct it in such a way that it brings about benefit and relief for the client.

Love Psychic Guruji

Love Psychic Guruji

Love Psychic Guruji
Astrology Predictions

Astrology Predictions

Astrology Predictions from Astrologer Guruji
Specialist in Yantras

Specialist in Yantras

Specialist in Yantras - Guruji Astrologer
Specialist in Mantras

Specialist in Mantras

Specialist in Mantra - Guruji

Mantra to Help - Fix Relationship

"Navagraha Mantras To Help Remove Obstacles In Life“

We are engaged in providing Navagraha Mantra For Removing Obstacles In Life. The hardships and struggles faced by us despite of the hard work, occurs by the unfavourable position of planets in the horoscope. The karmic influence on the behaviour of the individual is pointed by the placement of the nine planets in the horoscope. For appeasing the ill effects of planets like wearing genuine gemstones chanting mantras related to the planet, astrologist and numerologists use this information to suggest remedial measures. As per the research, mantra is considered as powerful tool for healing.

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Mantras for Each Day

Mantras for Each Day

"Mantras For All days of the Week“

London UK - In Hinduism, each of the seven days in a week is dedicated to different Gods. Monday - known as Somwar in Hindi - is dedicated to Bhagwan Shiva, the most powerful and the supreme most of the Hindu Divine Trinity.

Too much Desires often lead to disappointments and sorrow. In this mechanical life system, we lose ourselves while running after the riches and worldly pleasures. And thus, in order maintain equilibrium and remain grounded, it is important to seek refuge at the feet of Bhagwan Shiva, the one who helps us in get desired results for example happiness, peace, success in marriage, fruitful married life, success in business, service and reduce the Lord Rahu negativity..

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Guruji Astrologer London UK – the devotee of Bhagwan Hanumanji

Guruji AstrologerAstrologer & Spiritual Healer Guruji specialises in bringing the Love Back

I am Guruji Astrologer London UK – the devotee of Bhagwan Hanumanji - here to tell you something that we can bring many changes in your life and can save you from many troubles during the year ahead.
Your present Karma's is going to build your future. Isn't it necessary to know astrologically that how you should handle your year ahead so that your future brightens up?
I can help you by mantras to fix any problems.
1-Major planetary transits of 2016 are Lord Jupiter transit through Royal and fiery sign Leo till 11th August 2016 and later Jupiter will transit through Virgo sign.
2-Lord Saturn will continue transiting through mysterious and enigmatic sign Scorpio, ruled by Mars
3-Lord Rahu and Lord Ketu ( North Node and South Node ) will be transiting through Leo and Aquarius axis post 30th January 2016These four planetary transits are likely to bring about many changes in everyone's life. However, what's in store for you during 2016 Astrologically depends on your individual horoscope and I am here to help you by personal astrological consultation and in your problems. Please call on
Phone: 0044 (0) 77 1420 9494
available on WhatsApp and Viber
Yantra Specialist

Yantra Specialist "Astrologer Guruji"

Guruji's Yantra has the unexplained power to help you in all areas of your life. It's especially powerful in solving personal relationship problems, marriage problems and helping to reunite families by overcoming difficulties and differences. Guruji's Yantra can help overcome health and wealth matters, dispel evil spirits, black magic and witchcraft and also help you to deal with fear and anxiety problems. Guruji can help to bring peace, happiness and well-being to your life. The Siddhi Yantras are powerful means of attaining your spiritual and material desires.

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